Something fishy?
Report fraud to us between 09.00 and 17.00 Monday to Friday

What we do

Your fraud report
As the national anti-fraud help desk, we are there to take your reports of fraud or suspected scams.

You can contact us for information, to ask questions or to report a case of fraud using our reporting form.

Please dial 088 – 7867372.  If you are calling from outside the Netherlands, the number
is: +31 – 88 –  7867372.

Victims of fraud can contact us for advice. We can refer them to one of our partners or other organisations for further assistance.

What do with do with your report.
First of all, we file your report in our database. If necessary, we will refer your case to the proper authorities. We will treat the information you provide strictly confidentially in accordance with national privacy legislation.

We operate under the protocol of the overarching foundation set up to tackle financial and economic crime in the Netherlands (Stichting Aanpak Financieel-Economische Criminaliteit in Nederland, known by its acronym SafeCin, in Dutch).

Your report matters!
Your report will help us get a clearer picture of fraud committed in or from the Netherlands. The information you provide will be used for further investigation into fraudulent practices. It will tell us what is happening in the world of fraud, enabling us to warn other people.

Of course, if you run a business and you are facing advertising fraud or dubious invoices, you can contact the Fraud Help Desk too.

We can take your report and, if you become a member of our organisation, we can give you legal advice. Our lawyers are specialised in all aspects of advertising scams, including fake invoices and directory fraud.