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Your questions about us

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Is the Fraud Help Desk part of Dutch police?

No. However, we do work together with the police and the Public Prosecution Service (Dutch: Openbaar Ministerie, OM), the body of public prosecutors in the Netherlands. Here’s a a listof all our partners and the organisations we work with.

Can the Fraud Help Desk act to arrest a scammer?

We have no investigative powers. We cannot press criminal charges against scammers either.

What we do is study and analyse scammers’ methods in order to get a clear picture of their fraudulent practices. We share our findings with the police, who have investigative powers in most cases.

Is the Fraud Help Desk a government agency?

No, we are a private foundation subsidised by the Netherlands Ministry of Security and Justice.

What happens to the report I send you?

We file all the incoming report forms in our database system. The data we process will be used for analysis and research.

The information reported to us has great statistical value and may be used in police investigations. It gives the Fraud Help Desk insight in both the extent of the problem and the way scammers work.

Can I report anonymously?

No, the data you provide will be recorded. However, this information is for internal use only. We treat the information you give strictly confidentially in accordance with national privacy legislation. The Fraud Help Desk will always ask permission before going public with your data.

You can pass on information about crime anonymously by calling M (Meld Misdaad Anoniem). M is independent of the police and its telephone number is free of charge and open every day of the week to calls from within and outside the Netherlands. Dial +31 (0) 800 - 7000.

Can I get legal help from you?

We provide legal assistance to businesses only. More information in Dutch on this page. We give general advice to private individuals.

If you haven’t found the answer to your question on this page, please feel free to contact us by using the report form.