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Phishing emails in name of Het Net and Ziggo


Once again, scammers are trying to get their hands on your personal details by sending out fraudulent email messages. This time they’re abusing the names of the Dutch email service Het Net and cable company Ziggo. One of the hallmarks of these so-called phishing emails is their poor use of language, which is quite evident in this case.

The message posing to be from Het Net tells recipients that their accounts no longer work properly. That’s why they have to fill in their passwords. Because if they don’t, scammers may be able to get access to their personal data and abuse them.

The emails purportedly sent by Ziggo suggest that the recipient’s account will be deleted if no username, password or other data are provided. Accounts will be removed, it is said, in order to create space for new accounts. Do not respond to this email.

If you have received a similar scam email in your email, it's best to delete the message or forward it to valse-email@fraudehelpdesk.nl.

Here's an example:

 phishing email from 'Het Net"

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