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  • 23-09-2016

    Five signs that ransomware hackers are getting smarter

    Ransomware, also known as hostage virus, is currently one of the most annoying threats on the internet. It encrypts computer files and demands a ransom, usually to be paid in Bitcoin, before access is restored. Unfortunately, the creators of this malicious software are getting more and more sophisticated. Here are five examples:

    1. The ransom amount varies per victim
    Ransomware victims used to pay the same ransom to have…

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Welcome to the Fraud Help Desk

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Checklist for booking your holiday home online

The Fraudhelpdesk would like to offer some tips to prevent you from falling victim to this type of fraud and having your dream holiday turn into a nightmare.

Dating fraud in the Netherlands

The film Crime without Blood shows the devastating impact of dating scams and other online fraud.